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How is Granite Mined.

 Granite mining is a large industrial process which begins with exposing a granite deposit. Once the granite deposit is exposed open cast mining is the usual way to exploit the reserves. Granite is then extracted from the mine which in itself is a difficult process. Granite is usually drilled then hammered into separate individual blocks which are then lifted to the surface of the mine with cranes to be transported to a nearby processing plant.

Granite is transported from the mine in large blocks which can weigh up to 10 tons, to close by cutting facilities where they are cut and reduced to sizes which can be handled easier. From the processing plant granite is loaded into containers and shipped around the world. When the granite reaches its destination it is loaded onto HGV’s or other methods of transport and delivered to granite fabricator companies such as us who further cut and polish the granite.

Polishing granite is done in multi-stages, starting with a very rough course diamond polishing pad the granite begins the first stage of polishing. Once the first stage is complete the process is repeated using a less course diamond polishing pad and repeated a number of times using finer grade pads. Once individual cutouts of your countertops are made from your granite the process is followed again but this time by hand to achieve the desired finish.


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